Dear Charlotta,
Now we are back in Sweden again safe and sound and want to give you some words about our trip.
To summarize, it was totally amazing! We have traveled a lot in our lives, but this might be the absolute best trip ever! For what it might be worth for your upcoming planning for other costumers in the future, we want to give you some feedback more specifically.
AfriCar. Our Toyota Hilux and it’s gear was of best quality, so was the introduction when we picked it up. No problems at all, not even a flat tyre. But we did stop along the road to help other tourists, and saw rentalcars and gear  with low standard, and that gave us perspective on our africar…
Teufelskrallen. Really nice location and room. Perfect place to start the trip and soak up the Namibian nature.
Fish River Lodge. Outstanding!!! Could easily sit and enjoy the view for days here. Excellent food. We are sooooo happy that we made this detour.
Lüderitz. We learned to know about the situation this town is in at the moment, and that gave an intresting perspective to this diamond-area. Kolmanskoop was well worth a visit, early morning before crowds and guided tours started gave the right feeling (and pictures).The guesthouse was really nice.
Sussusvlei. Yes, no visit to Namibia without going here of course! We really enjoyed our full day in the park. Beautiful! We liked the Quivers camp, good location and gave some privacy. But the Sussusvlei Lodge (place for meals) was far to touristic for us.
Swakopmund. Nice to have this stop after one week, but bit bad timing to have it on a Sunday, when lot of places was closed. Swakopmund Guesthouse was a really nice place.
Etosha. Wow!!! Have never seen so much wild animals so close. Ever. And, given this was the high season, it was not crowded by tourists.
Halali. Good location, amazing waterhole.
Namutoni was far better than described in guidebooks! The place have been rebuilt and renovated lately, so pictures in roadbook is no longer valid. Far better than Halali. Also we thought nature and animalspotting was more intresting in eastern part of the park.
Rundu. The Gondwana-lodge we stayed at (have forgotten the name of it), was totally amazing. The sunset over the river and food was the best of the entire trip. We were lucky to get a chalet at the riverfront and felt we could have stayed here for many many days.
Kwando River Lodge. Sorry to say, but this place have already seen its best days, and it was not long time ago it seems… Our guess is that this was a lodge of our dreams until just a few years ago and then something happened. The (pre)view from our veranda was overgrown. Needs renovation and the last improvements done is not made accoring to original standards (quick-and-cheep-fixing…) Food was among the worst during our Namibian weeks. Also this was the only place we stayed where staff specifically asked for tips (we normally happily give tip, but in the box!). But; we might ofcourse just have had bad luck with our chalet and other curcumsrances during our stay.
Chobe Safari Lodge. Very nice even though it is big and touristic. But whole Kasane seems to be overexploated… BUT really nice to see the Chobe Waterfront!
Gunn’s. Wow, wow and wow!!! No words for this place. We want to get back out there again!
Vic Falls. We felt perfectly safe during our short stop there, but it is so obvious that the people is struggeling, meaning all the way from individual to nation. Gave a better perspective on the difference between the countries in this part of Africa, only that was worth the detour. And the falls of course:-). N1 is totally ok; safe and good location, and that is it.
Windhoek. Really nice finish of the trip. Souvernires, museums, beer…
And; we so appreacheated beeing met at the airport and introduced with map and really good itinerary-booklet! Also the feeling to have some support just a phonecall away.
Top 3 destinations: Etosha, the Delta, Sussusvlei
Top 3 stays: Gunn’s, Fish River Lodge, Rundu (Gondwana)
Again; thanks to you both for helping us complete this amazing trip to an amazing part of the world:-)
Best Regards
Erica and Johan